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No Room at the Inn or Somewhere Else?

In most┬ánativity plays there is an Innkeeper who says (often too enthusiastically!) that they have┬áno room. Was it the innkeeper who had no room or is there more to the story? Joseph was travelling to his ‘ancestral town’ of Bethlehem … Continue reading

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The One Where Someone Said ‘I hate this one’

So, I was at a harvest school assembly recently and the teacher announced the next song and I heard a voice (don’t worry it was a pupil not a teacher) saying ‘I hate this one’. The song was Autumn days … Continue reading

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Is Jesus like marmite?

A friend of mine calls Marmite the devils poo. This sums up how I feel about Marmite, I really can’t stand it. I can’t stand the taste or the smell of it. The Marmite advertising is really spot because in … Continue reading

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