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Reconnecting with Jesus: What is important to him?

A few weeks ago I was speaking to a friend of mine who helps with the rehabilitation of people who have had a Stroke. Something he said really struck me and I wanted to share it and some other thoughts … Continue reading

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Our Design or God’s Design?

At church yesterday we gave everyone a panel of card and asked them to colour it in with pens or paint. When we stuck them all together this was the result. People were free to create their own designs, but we … Continue reading

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Whose Church is it Anyway?

A picture has popped up on my Facebook feed a few times in the past week. It shows lettering on the wall of a church where the ‘S’ has fallen off so it now reads ‘AINT PETER’S CHURCH’ Seeing the picture made … Continue reading

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Don’t ask God to direct your steps if you aren’t willing to move your feet

So, Tracey and I were out geocaching and as we walked along we came to a section of footpath that was underwater. We were right next to a footpath sign and we had our gps unit and so we knew … Continue reading

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The One About God Doing A New Thing

When God is doing a new thing we need to stop trying to plug the holes in the old thing. We can be so busy holding together the way that we want to do things that we can miss entirely what God … Continue reading

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Am I helping to build Christ’s Church or my Church?

So, Jesus said, ‘I will build my church’ (Matthew 16.18) I’ve been thinking about this and it got me thinking about whether it is my priority to build my church or Jesus’ church? Do I care more about getting as many people … Continue reading

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A Note Trying to Negotiate with the Tooth Fairy

My daughter lost her first tooth a few days ago and this is a picture of the note she left for the tooth fairy. It reads: To the Teeth Fairy give me a (50p crossed out) 3 pounds please and … Continue reading

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The one about the Driving Instructor

So, I was running late (nothing new there) and as I drove along (you didn’t think I was really running did you?) a car pulled out of a road up ahead and my heart sank when I saw that it … Continue reading

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Is Jesus like marmite?

A friend of mine calls Marmite the devils poo. This sums up how I feel about Marmite, I really can’t stand it. I can’t stand the taste or the smell of it. The Marmite advertising is really spot because in … Continue reading

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God is greater than Google

Do you ever wonder how we managed before the internet? My wife runs a bouncy castle company and most weekends in the Summer we watch the weather closely. Yesterday was a typical British day weather wise where the sun and rain … Continue reading

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