Mothers Day Gift ideas from Churches

Many churches choose to give gifts to ladies on Mothers Day and this is usually a few flowers or a small plant. These flowers can be very beautiful or a bit wilted depending on your budget and the person who goes to buy them.

A few years ago, we started trying to think of alternatives to flowers and these are some of the gits we have given.

Last year we gave tissues. The pocket-sized packets of tissues were bought locally and one of our members made the covers. If you don’t have someone who can make the covers (you can google for a design) then you can also buy personalized or patterned tissues online

If visit Tissues for Mothers day you can also find a copy of the poem and some thoughts for how this fitted into the service.

This was the first time we have managed to link the actual gift to the theme of the service and we will be doing this again this year.

We have also given cookies or muffins and have presented them in gift bags. These are plain plastic bags bought online some ribbon and a nice label.

They were all hand-made and so the budget for this was next to nothing but you could buy cookies or presentation boxes or bags if you needed to do this in a hurry.

We also have someone who very kindly made some crochet flowers for us. I don’t have a pattern for this, but if you google it you can soon find one.

I think the key in all of these different things is that we have made use of the skills and talents of people in the church.

If you are tempted to try to copy one of these ideas then I would suggest that you show the pictures to someone who you know could create them but I would also encourage you to ask them if they have other suggestions.

In church life (and life in general) we should do all that we can to unleash creativity in others and to give them space to contribute the things that they are good at.

Update on the original post with our 2017 theme ideas and craft:
We took the theme of nurture and encouragement. We shared breakfast together and had a short creative service which culminated in us handing our beautiful hand made paper flowers. Find out more and see the service outline: Flowers for Mothers Day: Creative ideas on the theme of Nurture and Encouragement

Here are some more pictures of the cookies and Muffins and their labels juts to make you feel hungry!








If you have any other ideas or suggestions, feel free to send them to me with some pictures and I can add them for others to use or to be inspired by.


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  1. What wonderful ideas! I am sure everyone felt loved who received them. How thoughtful!

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  3. Yanika says:

    This is so thoughtful!

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    Looking for ideas? for gifts from your church for #MothersDay #MothersDayGifts #mothersdaygift Here are some ideas and all age service outlines.


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