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Jesus is God’s Gift: An all age visual, fun, interactive and creative Christmas talk

This fun, visual and creative talk explains how Jesus is God’s gift to the world using a wrapped up present with various items inside of it. As you pull each item out (it’s best done in order) you simply explain … Continue reading

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Hosanna Prayers: A Creative Prayer approach for Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, the crowd went wild when Jesus rode into Jerusalem and they shouted Hosanna which means save. Often prayers in church are quiet and calm but Palm Sunday reminds us that a Prayer can be loud, emotional and … Continue reading

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Mothers Day Gift ideas from Churches

Many churches choose to give gifts to ladies on Mothers Day and this is usually a few flowers or a small plant. These flowers can be very beautiful or a bit wilted depending on your budget and the person who … Continue reading

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Can we learn interactively and creatively in church?

We had what we call a creative service at Orchard Baptist yesterday. I started by reading and speaking about a few Bible verses for 5 minutes and then we split into groups to explore the meaning of those verses creatively. … Continue reading

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Creating a creative corner and feeling God’s pleasure

My daughter has been really tired for a few weeks now and we have been worried about her. We have taken her to the doctors and had a discussion with the school to see if we can find out what … Continue reading

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5000 hits, the feeding of the 5000, inadequacy and following Jesus

Yesterday my blog received its 5000th page view. I am amazed that I’ve received this many hits in just under 3 months. I am grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog and in particular to … Continue reading

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The one with the home made elephant

My daughter amazed me recently. She asked for some card which I gave her, she came back and asked for some glue and stickers and what you see in the picture is the finished result. She is only 5 and … Continue reading

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