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The One About The Six Chair Challege

So, I’ve just watched a bit of the X factor and I’ve been shocked by what I saw. When I turned it on I witnessed the crowd chanting swap. Someone had just sung and the judge wanted them on their team, but in … Continue reading

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The One Where we didn’t have 2 Litres of Water

So, we walked down a narrow path, scrambled along a steep riverbank and then we found this tube behind a tree. Upon reading the instructions, we realized that we needed 2 litres of water which was unfortunate because we only had … Continue reading

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She was so important but we don’t know her name

On one occasion when Jesus showed that he values people who society thinks are worthless, the gospel writers recorded what happened but they didn’t include the name of the woman involved. Whilst it may be that the names weren’t available to … Continue reading

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The one where a little boy wanted me to take him home.

I was packing the car at the end of a community fun day when a young boy whose parents are friends of mine asked if he could help me. He was a fantastic little worker who helped (or tried to help) take … Continue reading

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A fun day stall that reminded people they were special and valuable

This was our church stall at a recent community fun day. Our aim was for people to have a good time but we  also wanted to remind them that they were special and valuable. There is so much in life that … Continue reading

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It’s not as useless as it looks

Take a look at this picture. What do you think it is of? My wife and I came across it whilst on a walk recently and it took us a few moments to work out what it was. Can you guess? … Continue reading

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It’s People Day! Who will you appreciate and say thank you to?

Yesterday was Mothers Day when many people told their mums how much they appreciate them. I’ve decided that today is People Day when I’m hoping that we will all tell other people how much we appreciate them. It feels to … Continue reading

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Are you worried about your size so much that you stand on tiptoes in a picture? Now that Nicolas isn’t president does that mean that he tries to look even taller? Are you secure in who you are? How do … Continue reading

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