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Advent 2: The God who can do the Impossible

As he heard the angel speak, Zechariah’s mind raced. How could he go home to Elizabeth and tell her what the angel had just said? It had taken his wife many painful years to come to accept that she would … Continue reading

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The Geocache That Seemed Impossible

How are we ever going to get that down was my dominant thought as we approached. The geocache we were hunting for was in a tree about 15 ft up and it looked impossible to get down. Some of my children wanted to … Continue reading

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Why did the tortoise cross the road?

Did you hear about the tortoise that crossed the M25? Yes, it’s true, a tortoise nicknamed Freeway crossed the UK’s busiest road and survived. You can read all the details here, but one quote from the news story is: “It’s a miracle he survived. He … Continue reading

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