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Advent 12: A Long Time ago in Bethlehem

The Roman Emperor, Augustus, decreed that a Census should be taken throughout the Roman Empire (Luke 2.1) and as a result Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem. Hundreds of years before this, God said that the Messiah would be born … Continue reading

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Have you ever thought about how tragic the Nativity Story is?

The version of the nativity that is often presented in church is a very nice, clean and happy story but have you ever considered how tragic that the Christmas story really is? Mary was unmarried and pregnant and the punishment in her culture … Continue reading

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Do you think that Mary cried?

My daughter looked up from what she was writing and asked ‘do you think Mary cried when there was no room at the inn?’ After we had talked about it I took this photo of what she had drawn and … Continue reading

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Were Mary and Joseph disappointed with God?

Mary felt privileged, after all she was giving birth to the son on God. She had wondered what it would be like and how God would make the occasion special but going into labour where the animals were kept probably wasn’t … Continue reading

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