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Jesus Wept

The shortest verse in the Bible provides us a deep and profound look into the heart of God: ‘Jesus wept’ As Jesus approaches the tomb of his friend Lazarus, he broke down and cried. When Lazarus was seriously ill Jesus … Continue reading

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The Lord is Close to the Brokenhearted

Several times in these past few days I have been reminded of how painful that life can be as I have heard about and seen the struggles faced by others. As I was praying about this I was reminded of … Continue reading

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My oldest daughters favourite question is ‘Why?’ Why is it called that? Why is it going to take 3 hours to get there? Why can’t I have more chocolate? Why do we have to go for a walk? We often … Continue reading

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The God who lets us suffer

God lets us suffer and if comfort and a pain free existence are your priorities then you will be puzzled as to¬†why this is. After all you might reason, imagine the following that God would get if he protected us … Continue reading

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Why does God allow suffering?

Why does God allow suffering? I have to be honest and say that I don’t fully know. What I do know is that God created a world without suffering, sickness and pain. He created a paradise, a world without war, … Continue reading

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