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How a Bug Hotel Reminded Me What Welcoming Really Means

A few days ago, I was out walking and I came across this bug hotel. I have come across these structures many times but on this occasion it started a train of thought about what it means to be welcoming. Every part … Continue reading

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Does Jesus Only Visit Once a Year?

As I looked at the Church visitor book, I was surprised to see the following entry: Date: 25/12/16 Name: Jesus Address: Heaven Comments: Keep up the good work! (You can enlarge the image and see the entry for yourself). A church … Continue reading

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A Parable: What’s the Point of the Church?

The team’s preparation for the tournament had been far from ideal. They were the host nation so had not had to qualify for the tournament and had not played a competitive match for a long time. There had been some … Continue reading

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Whose Church is it Anyway?

A picture has popped up on my Facebook feed a few times in the past week. It shows lettering on the wall of a church where the ‘S’ has fallen off so it now reads ‘AINT PETER’S CHURCH’ Seeing the picture made … Continue reading

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Is Church Primarily about Meeting Together or Sharing Life Together?

Yesterday, a homeless man offered to make me some toast. I was visiting 57 West, a church plant in Southend, which connects with people who are or who have been homeless. I had turned up for their drop in session and was … Continue reading

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Am I helping to build Christ’s Church or my Church?

So, Jesus said, ‘I will build my church’ (Matthew 16.18) I’ve been thinking about this and it got me thinking about whether it is my priority to build my church or Jesus’ church? Do I care more about getting as many people … Continue reading

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A Gathering of People: Pictures of the Church Part 1

This is the first in a series of posts exploring the pictures/metaphors of the church that are used in the Bible. The New Testament was written in Greek and the word that is translated in English as church is ‘Ekklesia’ which … Continue reading

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Should churches be Spirit or Me centred communities?

Earlier this week I was at a conference where the inspirational Lynn Green (the Baptist Union General Secretary) asked us what a Spirit filled community of people looks like. If you are not a churchy person and you are wondering … Continue reading

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