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Is Lent primarily about giving things up or giving more time to God? (Lent short reflection 1)

Lent is most commonly associated with giving things up but if that is all that it means to us then we may be missing the point. This is the first in a series of short videos which can be used … Continue reading

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Lent Reflection 1: Do you know who you are?

When Jesus was in the wilderness, two of his temptations began with these words: If you are the son of God, then… It’s strange isn’t it! You would have thought that being told to turn stones into bread when you … Continue reading

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Lent is primarily about going With God, not going Without things

Traditionally people associate Lent with giving things up but if this is our only focus I think that we might be missing the real point? During Lent, people especially remember the time when Jesus spent 40 days and nights in … Continue reading

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What is Lent all about?

So, we have eaten our pancakes and now it is Lent but do we really understand what it is all about? We may know someone who is giving up chocolate for Lent but I’m fairly convinced that this sort of thing … Continue reading

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