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A Simple Creative Activity to Remind us that the Cross Cleanses

A simple idea that can be used in messy church, family activity or even a Sunday morning service to illustrate how the cross cleanses us from sin. Start with a blank canvas with some masking tape in the shape of … Continue reading

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This Room is Amazing! or The One About Enthusiasm For Life

My daughter wrote a note for the staff at a hotel that we stayed in recently. It said, ‘This room is AMAZING’. I would have loved to have seen the face of the person who came to clean the room when they … Continue reading

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The One About The Red Carpet

So, yesterday it was the world premiere of the new James Bond film, Spectre and there was a red carpet to greet and welcome the people who had a ticket. A red carpet sends out the message to the people invited that they are special and important. As … Continue reading

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The one about the river and a big splash

So, Tracey and the girls are camping for a few days and Tracey has found a fantastic campsite which is next to a river. The owners have done a great job of making several points along the river front where people … Continue reading

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The lost £20

Yesterday I lost £20 :(. I had been given £45 after setting up a castle for my wife’s bouncy castle business. There were two £20 notes, some coins and a signed terms and conditions form. I was parked next to where … Continue reading

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