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Psalm 62: Giving our Stress and Worries to God Video Resource

Are you worried and stressed? If so, Psalm 62 is for you. In the Psalm, David pours out his heart, describing how he was barely hanging on and that he felt like a broken fence. As well as expressing his … Continue reading

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The One About the Video Tape that Needed to Rewind

While we were on holiday a few years ago, my children watched a film on a video tape and when it had finished they asked to watch it again and so I pressed rewind. After a few seconds they reminded … Continue reading

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Are you fearful in the face of Brexit?

The past 24 hours has been incredibly difficult for many people who voted remain in the EU Referendum. This post is to offer some thoughts on how we can cope when we feel, sad, scared, gutted and worried using some words from Psalm … Continue reading

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The one about the Flat Battery

So, I ran out at high-speed and jumped into the car and as I turned the key and the engine did nothing :(. The car had a flat battery because we had only used it for very short journeys for a few … Continue reading

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Soul service?

As part of a recent birthday celebration, we had breakfast at a local Premier Inn (I wonder if I should ask them to sponsor this blog post?) The Premier Inn breakfast is especially good value for a family of 6, because … Continue reading

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When you run through life you will get tired

So much emphasis in the media has been on how young the current England football team is. Ironically the young England players found it harder to cope with the heat than their Italian opponents in their recent world cup match. … Continue reading

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