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The One About the Taxi Ride

Over the past few months life in our family has got much easier. My daughter has started a new school and every day a taxi/minibus comes and picks her up and takes her there. We don’t even have to pay for … Continue reading

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Piano moving, a dolly and learning to rely on God

We recently decided to buy a Piano and we were pleased to get a good quality one on Ebay for £16. We were really over the moon with our bargain until the seller asked us how we were going to … Continue reading

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The leaning tower of Caerphilly

Look at this picture of Caerphilly Castle. Can you spot the odd tower out? The south-east tower is leaning at a 10 degree angle and there is some debate as to whether this is due to subsidence or damage caused … Continue reading

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Do hedges really offer good protection?

Yesterday I wrote about Christianese and as part of my research I came across the phrase ‘hedge of protection’ which I haven’t heard for years. It reminded me of a recent game of Call of Duty with my son (I really … Continue reading

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Kerplunk, collapsing and support

Do you remember the game Kerplunk? A set of sticks hold up some marbles in a tube and each player takes a turn to pull a stick out hoping that they won’t make any marbles fall as they do. My wife … Continue reading

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The one where it all went wrong

Do you ever want to run away and hide? That’s how I felt half way through our service on Sunday. I try hard to communicate in creative way and had planned a fun packed service, it just didn’t work very well. … Continue reading

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