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The One About the Power of Chocolate

My girls both enjoy going to school but it can be hard to motivate them in the morning to get their shoes and coats on and to brush their hair ready to go out on time. Yesterday, though was different. There … Continue reading

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The One Where I Was Nearly Ironic

My daughter came up to me just over an hour ago and said ‘will you play with me?’ My instant reply, because I was in the middle of something, was ‘no, I have some work to do’  but then I stopped … Continue reading

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The one with the vanishing spray

My favourite part of the world cup was the vanishing spray (yes I’m being serious). The use of this spray is genius! At a free kick the referee marks out a line that opposing players have to stand behind. The … Continue reading

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The one where my daughter was brave

Yesterdays blog finished with a picture and Bible verses about God lifting us out of the mud and giving us a solid place to stand. I wanted a picture as a background for the verses but couldn’t find what I … Continue reading

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The one where my daughter was well behaved

I have a daughter who has special needs who we home school. I had an appointment with a financial advisor today and needed to take her with me, so I packed an mp3 player and headphones and we made it … Continue reading

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