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It’s time to play together nicely!

It was surprising, and very encouraging!!!, to see Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn walking next to each other laughing in Parliament. One of the things which I have found especially sad about the recent UK election campaign is the hatred … Continue reading

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Hopeless or Hope?

It’s possible that following the General Election result in the UK that you are feeling despondent today? A few weeks ago I produced this design for a prayer card that we are going to circulate to the homes around our … Continue reading

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It’s time to move on

Like many people I have been shocked by the election result in the UK. Today has been a day of extreme emotions for many with some people ecstatic and others upset and angry. 37% of those who votes are happy because their chosen … Continue reading

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The people who don’t usually vote have the power to win the election

So, if just before the 2010 general election I had started my own political party and if everyone who was eligible to vote but who didn’t on that day had changed their minds and voted for me, then I would … Continue reading

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Don’t you wish that Politicians Would Work Together?

Don’t you hate it when politicians bicker and spend their time sniping at each other rather than explaining what they stand for? Don’t you wish that they could learn to see past their differences and learn to work together? It … Continue reading

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The one that is about the elections, my best and worst bits of today

Worst experience of politics today. In the East of England our European election ballot paper includes a choice to vote, Ukip, BNP, English Democrats, An Independence from Europe or no 2 eu. These are five out of the 10 choices … Continue reading

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