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People are more important than Possessions

When thinking about Jesus sending out his 12 disciples, I’ve often focused on what he told them not to take. Reading it again recently in Mark 6, it struck me that there are two things that Jesus made sure that … Continue reading

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People are more Important than Projects

People really are more important that Projects but is that the reality in church life? Does the church that you are part of view people primarily as a resource for fueling their projects or as children of God who are … Continue reading

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Don’t worry, I won’t get kittens when I grow up

The other day, my daughter started randomly talking with me about when she grows up. She may only be 6, but one day she said that she is going to have her own house and that she will have kittens. A short while … Continue reading

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The One Where Ronaldo Pretended to be Homeless

I watched a video recently that shows the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in disguise as someone who is homeless. He kicks a ball around fairly skillfully in Madrid city centre but he is largely ignored, but then when he reveals who he … Continue reading

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She was so important but we don’t know her name

On one occasion when Jesus showed that he values people who society thinks are worthless, the gospel writers recorded what happened but they didn’t include the name of the woman involved. Whilst it may be that the names weren’t available to … Continue reading

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It’s People Day! Who will you appreciate and say thank you to?

Yesterday was Mothers Day when many people told their mums how much they appreciate them. I’ve decided that today is People Day when I’m hoping that we will all tell other people how much we appreciate them. It feels to … Continue reading

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Who does Jesus value most, the community leader or the outcast? Mark 5.21-43

Imagine you arrive in a town and a community leader asks you to help them. Consider how important you would feel as you traveled with them? As you are walking through the town you notice a down and out reaching out for … Continue reading

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Time to slow down? You’re not superman you know!

These are my three best girls on the shores of Loch Rannoch in Perthshire. We were on holiday and they were resting. You would think that resting on a beach is pretty unproductive (although it is a lot of fun if … Continue reading

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