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Are we full and overflowing with the presence of God? A Pentecost Sermon

This is a talk I have put together using a variety of Bible passages, visuals and video clips that thinks about how we need to be overflowing with rather than just being full of and content with the presence of … Continue reading

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Loving people because we Love them, not because we ought to Love them

So, we finished Homegroup (a group of people meeting in a home to explore faith) last night by asking God to speak to us. As we were quiet, Christine began to talk about God’s love and how we need to … Continue reading

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Did you hear about the pack of ham that was labelled as containing 110% pork? It’s quite funny, but according to Aldi, who were selling the ham, the % sign should have said grams next to it. Image source: Imgur … Continue reading

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Popcorn helps us to understand pentecost

So, Jesus had ascended to heaven and his followers had returned to Jerusalem where they spent time praying together. Then, on the day of Pentecost there was a roaring wind and the disciples saw what looked like small flames appearing above … Continue reading

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The one Without the Nettle and Grass Smoothie

Chocolate fountains are great with all that none stop chocolate being pumped out. The only thing sad about chocolate fountains is that often you are given fruit to dip into them and that leaves me wondering why anyone would want to … Continue reading

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