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A Simple Creative Activity to Remind us that the Cross Cleanses

A simple idea that can be used in messy church, family activity or even a Sunday morning service to illustrate how the cross cleanses us from sin. Start with a blank canvas with some masking tape in the shape of … Continue reading

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The One Where Baby Jesus Looked Like a Dead Sheep

So, I came across this picture of some knitted nativity characters. I noticed the donkey and the sheep at the top of the picture and my next thought was that the sheep in the bottom left looked dead because it had … Continue reading

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It’s Frightening at the Front

So, I have been to my second school assembly of the week. Don’t worry, I made sure that I had my cup of tea first (read yesterdays blog if you want to know what I mean). The school I was … Continue reading

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What do training courses and trips to the dentist have in common?

Today I am attending a trustee training course. I have to be honest, there are lots of things I would rather be doing than sitting in a training session on a Saturday morning. Apparently trustees ‘have overall control of a … Continue reading

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