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The One About Labels

Whilst I was helping to run a prayer space recently I was given these three stickers. It started with someone giving me the one that says Graeme and this was closely followed by my daughter giving me the crazy man … Continue reading

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The One About Being Connected

We went for a walk yesterday and for reasons that only they fully understand, my girls decided to tie themselves together with loom bands. Connecting themselves to one another didn’t make walking along easier but it certainly did make becoming separated impossible … Continue reading

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Make sure that you don’t get Overstretched

I went to visit someone recently who I know is going through a really hard time. We talked and prayed and as I got up to leave they said ‘make sure that you don’t get overstretched’. This person is actually entitled to say ‘could … Continue reading

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When did it stop being about God?

Have you ever been in a situation where a key leader who you respect and have learned a lot from is leaving your church? How did you react? Was it with despair? Did you feel doomed without them? Did you … Continue reading

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It’s not all about me!

It’s Sunday and lots of people will be going to church. Have you ever left feeling disappointed because the service wasn’t just right for you? We all will feel this way sometimes and this is okay because church isn’t for just you. … Continue reading

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