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Who will Move the Stone? A Stop Motion Video

I was thinking about Mary and her friends walking towards the tomb to embalm Jesus’ body. They were so anxious about moving the stone but when they got there God had moved it and he had also done more than … Continue reading

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Do we relate to Jesus primarily as his Mates or his Minions?

Do we relate to Jesus primarily as his Mates or his Minions? To put it another way, do you mainly approach Jesus as his friend or as his servant? Jesus chose disciples ‘that they might be with him and that he … Continue reading

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How Do You Treat Your Minions?

So, who are your minions and how do you treat them? In the Despicable me films, the minions (the little yellow characters) are the servants of and workers for Gru. They do his work, they cook and clean for him and they … Continue reading

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