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Time to Pause and Reflect? Some thoughts and questions for church leaders

This post is a copy of my contribution to the Eastern Baptist Association ‘Thought for the Week’ which is sent to the Ministers in the EBA. I am reposting it here in case other church leaders find it helpful as we … Continue reading

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The Church in the Wild and Outdoor Enclosure

I have walked past this sign many, many times but a few days ago it really struck me in a new way (no, I didn’t walk into it but I do believe that God spoke to me through it!) The words … Continue reading

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The One About Breaking out of Church

When I answered my phone I was not expecting to hear, ‘we are locked in, can you come and let us out’. We had a BMS Action Team with us for the week and they and some of our other … Continue reading

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A Living Church in an Ancient Building

As I walked in, I noticed the sign which said, ‘Welcome to St Mary’s. A Living Church in an ancient building’. This happened yesterday when we were out geocaching. We had just found the cache at the Great Bardfield Parish Church and we decided … Continue reading

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