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Is growing as Disciple of Jesus more like learning to ride a bike or to drive a car?

I currently have a daughter learning to ride a bike and a son learning to drive. My daughter is 8 and was on the bike riding happily along in no time. My son is 17 and he has had several lessons … Continue reading

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You don’t want to read that!

I was talking with a minister recently who was preparing a Sermon about Zacchaeus and his encounter with Jesus. She mentioned she was reading a commentary for background information about the Bible passage in Luke 19. My instinctive reaction was … Continue reading

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I don’t remember reading this bit before

On Good Friday, some of us gathered to read through the Bible account of the days and hours leading up to and including Jesus’ death. We read a section together, paused to reflect on what we had read and then … Continue reading

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The one where people looked at me in a strange way

As I was walking around the supermarket, I began to notice that people were looking at me in a strange way (it may surprise you to know that this is an unusual experience for me). Although it took me a while, … Continue reading

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Good Evening Holy Trinity

I was sat at the concert, minding my own business when unexpectedly I heard: ‘Good evening Holy Trinity!’ It turned out that the person speaking was announcing that pupils from Holy Trinity school were there but their announcement caught me … Continue reading

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The one about realizing that we are miracles

I’ve only waited 30 years for an answer but as I prepared last week’s sermon I understood why I hadn’t walked on water all those years ago. I had stood on the edge of the swimming pool during a school … Continue reading

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Every Church needs a Lucy

So, I asked my daughter if she would rather go to our church or the church that she had visited with me the week before. She said that she would like to go back to the other church and when I asked … Continue reading

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I Feel Like that Antelope

At Orchard Baptist, we sometimes project video footage behind song words and I often tell people the story of the wildlife footage that our computer operator used once (and I stress the word once!) We had been singing about God being the … Continue reading

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The Man Comes Around: Some thoughts about the Logan End Credits Song

At the end of watching ‘Logan’ I sat in the cinema and waited for the usual Marvel film end credits scene. As I waited (very impatiently!) I began to notice the Biblical references in the lyrics of the song being … Continue reading

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Let’s Raise A Glass to Jesus!

Half way through communion last Sunday I had a crazy idea. I was grateful that the Bread was still being distributed as it gave me chance to stop and think about whether this was just a weird idea or an … Continue reading

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