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The One About 100% Attendance

My daughter came home from school with this certificate. I asked her f she was proud of herself and she said ‘I don’t know’. As we talked further it became evident that she had no idea what ‘100% Attendance’ meant. My daughter … Continue reading

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The Power of Good Communication

A few days ago I wrote about the power of chocolate; how chocolate had motivated my girls to get ready for school on time. Since then we have come up with a much better way to encourage our children to get … Continue reading

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The one when I talked to myself

So, I gave a talk at church and it wasn’t the best talk that I have ever given but it wasn’t that bad either. I take communication seriously and so I spent some time thinking of ways I could have improved it … Continue reading

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Can we learn interactively and creatively in church?

We had what we call a creative service at Orchard Baptist yesterday. I started by reading and speaking about a few Bible verses for 5 minutes and then we split into groups to explore the meaning of those verses creatively. … Continue reading

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You are a genius

My Satnav has a Homer Simpson voice. When you arrive at your destination, Homer says ‘you have reached your destination and you can hold your head up high because you are a genus’. It’s a funny moment, but the fact … Continue reading

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