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New Year, New Start or Same Old, Same Old?

Moses went to work that morning expecting just another ordinary day but instead he saw a burning bush and met God who invited him to join him on an amazing adventure. Moses was to lead God’s people out of Egypt … Continue reading

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Does Jesus Only Visit Once a Year?

As I looked at the Church visitor book, I was surprised to see the following entry: Date: 25/12/16 Name: Jesus Address: Heaven Comments: Keep up the good work! (You can enlarge the image and see the entry for yourself). A church … Continue reading

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But it’s only 20p!

As the cashier in the shop handed me my change I could see it was 20p short. I thought about saying something but then decided not to, after all it was only 20p. Later that same day I needed change for a … Continue reading

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The One About Being On A Mission From God

Recently, I went to the commissioning service of William Wade who has been placed by SASRA  as a Scripture Reader in Colchester. It was great that so many people were at this service and that together as a congregation we were able to pray … Continue reading

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The one about the £5, the late lunch and God at work

I don’t know whether it is my Scottish ancestry or not, but I rarely carry cash. I did however have some today and it was good that I did. Let’s rewind to last night. I found out that the end off Tracey’s geocaching … Continue reading

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A pain in the neck, microwavable animals and Godincidences

My dad is unwell 😦 and he has had a lot of pain in his shoulder and neck. As I was talking on the phone to my mum yesterday I was asking if he had tried a heat pack. My wife … Continue reading

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