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When the Elf on Shelf met Jesus

Can you spot the character who seems out of place in this nativity scene? This year we have had an elf on the shelf stay with us. Each day when our children wake up the Elf can be found in unusual … Continue reading

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Do we relate to Jesus primarily as his Mates or his Minions?

Do we relate to Jesus primarily as his Mates or his Minions? To put it another way, do you mainly approach Jesus as his friend or as his servant? Jesus chose disciples ‘that they might be with him and that he … Continue reading

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Shall we be Friends?

Bill had always found it difficult to make friends, especially at school. He didn’t feel very clever and he wasn’t even good at sport, he felt like a nobody and it seemed like everyone treated him that way. Life had … Continue reading

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The One About Shopping and Stereotypes

As I was in a shop earlier today I heard a woman complaining to the man that she was with that they had taken too longs shopping. Initially, I found this really funny but then I found it really sad that I … Continue reading

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The one about Gay Marriage

The recent referendum in the Republic of Ireland has resulted in 62% of people voting in favour of legalizing same-sex marriage. Some Christians are upset about same-sex marriage being made legal but I am not one of them and I want to … Continue reading

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The one where Jesus did something outrageous and shocking

The crowd couldn’t believe it! Jesus was speaking to and associating himself with Zacchaeus and this was seen as being completely outrageous because he was a tax collector who had sold out to their enemies. You see, the land of Israel … Continue reading

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Godparents or Guideparents?

I had the privilege of leading a service of blessing for two lovely children during the weekend. The family involved had some friends who they wanted to be Godparents but who aren’t Christians. As I understand it they were willing … Continue reading

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