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The direction you are headed in is more important than where you are right now

Often we focus on where we are and what things are like now, but I wonder what life might be like if we thought more about where we are headed and who we are becoming? Jesus called all sorts of … Continue reading

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Seeing Blockages as Opportunities and not Obstacles

As we walked along we came to a barrier under a bridge but there was also a diversion sign. As I paused it occurred to me that this was a perfect illustration of what I believe that God has been … Continue reading

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The One Where Someone Threw A Dog At Me

So, we were tidying up after our toddler group and I noticed that there was a toy dog underneath some chairs. One of the toddlers was toddling (it’s funny how they do that) around and so I had asked her if … Continue reading

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Is 18 degrees hot or cold?

When she arrived she said it felt hot in the room and shortly before she left she mentioned that it felt cold. The strange thing was that although it felt like a different temperature it was actually 18° both times. When she … Continue reading

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