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Time to Pause and Reflect? Some thoughts and questions for church leaders

This post is a copy of my contribution to the Eastern Baptist Association ‘Thought for the Week’ which is sent to the Ministers in the EBA. I am reposting it here in case other church leaders find it helpful as we … Continue reading

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Time for a Clear Out?

In the not too distant future we are going to have our garage converted into a bedroom and an office. The church only decided on Sunday to do the work and already Tracey has spent a whole day beginning to tidy the garage … Continue reading

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New Year, New Start or Same Old, Same Old?

Moses went to work that morning expecting just another ordinary day but instead he saw a burning bush and met God who invited him to join him on an amazing adventure. Moses was to lead God’s people out of Egypt … Continue reading

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The One About God Doing A New Thing

When God is doing a new thing we need to stop trying to plug the holes in the old thing. We can be so busy holding together the way that we want to do things that we can miss entirely what God … Continue reading

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Looking back or looking forwards?

In Isaiah 43.16-18, God reminds us that he parted the Red Sea and then he says ‘But forget all that – it is nothing compared to what I am going to do’. Think about that for a minute, God references one … Continue reading

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Jesus wasn’t afraid to provoke people

So, I was reading Mark 2 and I noticed the way that Jesus deliberately provoked the religious leaders in the first three accounts that we read there. First he tells someone their sins are forgiven which leaves the teachers of … Continue reading

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The one where I beat a bunny with my Bible

It is time for me to confess that I once beat up a bunny. I had intended to hit it with a hammer but unfortunately I couldn’t find one and so I hit that poor little bunny with my Bible until it was … Continue reading

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The roadworks that made my journey easier

Don’t you hate roadworks? The county council have decided to do some roadworks right in the middle of what has been the most congested area that I drive my son through each day. I was a bit annoyed when I … Continue reading

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