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The Emotional Turmoil of Holy Week

Have you ever stopped to think of the emotional turmoil that Jesus went through in the week leading up to his death and resurrection? His anguish in Gethsemane gives us a glimpse into the level of emotions that were churning … Continue reading

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Pushing through the Pain Barrier

Those of you who know me well will realize that I am far from athletic! I may not have run a marathon but I know that in order to complete one that you have to persevere and to push through … Continue reading

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The One About the Profound Irony

As I shared communion tonight, I looked up and saw these words on the screen: survive & thrive The words immediately felt ironic and inappropriate because we were focusing on the death of Jesus on the cross. After all: Jesus … Continue reading

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The Pink Unicorn Which Started A Fight

Who would have thought that a little pink unicorn could have started such a big argument and ultimately a fight? It all started a few weeks ago when my wife, girls and I were walking in the woods. On the way through we did … Continue reading

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The one with Green Footprints and Less Litter

A friend of mind was telling me about how green bins with green footprints leading up to them had reduced littering. This approach is based on an experiment from 2011 where Pelle G. Hansen and students from Roskilde University gave out … Continue reading

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The one about walking through mud

Over the weekend we went for a walk across a muddy field and the further across we got the deeper our feet sank. My daughters were complaining of sinking when their feet were on the ground and that their feet … Continue reading

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The One About the Race

Once there were two brothers, Bill who was very athletic and Ben who was not. Bill had won lots of races and in contrast, Ben could have won awards for lounging around. Bill loved sports day but Ben hated it. It was … Continue reading

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