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The one about the Doll

When they were younger, one of my children owned a doll that they took everywhere. Towards the end of her stay with us the Doll was fairly broken. She had seen better days, her hair was matted and one of … Continue reading

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A Chosen People: Pictures of the Church Part 3

Isn’t it amazing when you get chosen for something? Sadly, I was usually picked last at school for anything sports related and so I know what it feels like to not be one of the chosen ones. I’ll never forget a time … Continue reading

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A Creative Communion Service Inspired by John 8.1-12

At the end of our service last Sunday, our Communion table looked like this. We started the service thinking about the parable of the lost sheep (Luke 15.1-7). We watched a short video animation of the story (see below) and then … Continue reading

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The Essex way, welcoming, resting and helping people to connect with Jesus

Just to be clear that the Essex way is a footpath and it’s definitely nothing to do with any dodgy reality??? TV show. It is an 82 mile long pathway that runs across Essex and my wife and I have walked several … Continue reading

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Cosette’s Castle or a Dashed Dream?

We are currently working through some material based on the film Les Miserables with other churches in the area. We held our first meeting last night and I found my self moved by the song ‘Castle on a Cloud’ If … Continue reading

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