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Apparently I’m not Worthy, or am I?

As I walked past it I couldn’t resist the urge to try to pick up Thor’s Hammer. I knew it was fake, just a prop in a cinema foyer but I just had to try. As I posed for my … Continue reading

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The One About the Ransom Note

I am working on a ransom note and this is as far as I have got: ‘Dear Eastern Baptist Association, I have your directories and if you want to see them again you need to …’ How should I end … Continue reading

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The One Where we didn’t have 2 Litres of Water

So, we walked down a narrow path, scrambled along a steep riverbank and then we found this tube behind a┬átree. Upon reading the instructions, we realized that we needed 2 litres of water which was unfortunate because we only had … Continue reading

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The one about the Toy Car and the Transport Lorry

This blog is dedicated to my mother in law, Ruth who took this picture and posted it on my Facebook Timeline. Ruth and her friend Judith then proceeded to comment encouraging me to write a blog post about it. It … Continue reading

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