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She was so important but we don’t know her name

On one occasion when Jesus showed that he values people who society thinks are worthless, the gospel writers recorded what happened but they didn’t include the name of the woman involved. Whilst it may be that the names weren’t available to … Continue reading

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God isn’t a father, he is The Father

Father’s day is a lot like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Which is it for you? Are you looking forward to it or can you not wait for it to be over? You may be looking forward … Continue reading

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The one about the Pig Popper

So, I bought a pig popper for £2.67 and I had fairly low expectations because of the price but it is actually a really great toy. I was expecting something quite small and flimsy, but as you can see from … Continue reading

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A fun day stall that reminded people they were special and valuable

This was our church stall at a recent community fun day. Our aim was for people to have a good time but we  also wanted to remind them that they were special and valuable. There is so much in life that … Continue reading

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Do you love the church?

So, I was sat there feeling pretty miserable and then I heard the words: Do you love the church? This all happened a long time ago. Life was tough and things were not going well at the church I was … Continue reading

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Do we really believe that we are loved unconditionally by God?

If someone could hear our thoughts (now that’s a scary thought) I wonder what they would say about what is driving us? Do we believe that God only loves us when we live a holy life or when we are … Continue reading

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Why I was confused as I watched the Voice last night

I found watching ‘the Voice’ last night really confusing. One of the contestants I wouldn’t have picked had a choice of coaches wanting them on their team and others who I thought were excellent had no one turn around. Here’s … Continue reading

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I can do it myself, can’t I?

I recently went to town with my youngest daughter. We had a list of jobs and several things to buy and we had a great time. We laughed, we walked and I had to keep reminding her that we couldn’t … Continue reading

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The lost pump is now found

So, we bought an Airpot (see picture) for our toddler group at the church. We were short on helpers and we realized that if we bought and filled this with hot water that it would save a helper having to make … Continue reading

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You have got one of those already

We have a fire door at the church that is very draughty and so we asked someone to  quote for a new door. (Okay, this isn’t the best opening line you have ever read but stick with it. Fairly soon … Continue reading

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