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Looking for God Moments

When we serve God and create our own definition of success, it can lead to us feeling we have failed when we should be celebrating the amazing things that God is doing! Last week, I spent a few days at … Continue reading

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Advent 18: The Long Road to Bethlehem

In contrast with the shepherds, the Magi (or wise men as they are more commonly known in nativity plays) had to travel a huge distance to see Jesus. The shepherds popped into town to see if the Messiah really had been … Continue reading

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How Rita being away reminded me of the importance of the Presence of God

So, Rita was away yesterday and my afternoon was really stressful without her. On Thursdays we run ‘Afternoon Fellowship’ at Orchard Baptist which involves a few (mainly elderly) people gathering for a short service which is followed by tea and biscuits. … Continue reading

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The Reason Why Our Christmas Tree is Still Up

Tracey suggested that we keep our Christmas tree up for the whole year as a reminder that Jesus is the light of the world. We are also going to write answers to prayer or things that God has done and … Continue reading

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The One About the Elf on the Shelf

Have you heard of the ‘Elf on the Shelf?’ The idea is that the Elf sits on a shelf in the daytime but then overnight he is moved to somewhere unusual and unexpected (often doing something funny). Children then wake up in … Continue reading

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Growth is natural, but what is growing in us?

We had been away from home for just over a fortnight and when we arrived back we found a new bush in the middle of our garden. I planned to photograph it the next morning but when I got up the bush … Continue reading

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The one where the reeds bowed down

So, we were going for a walk and as we walked past some reeds they bowed down to us. Why would this be? Did they recognise our awesomeness or was there something else at work? As I looked at the … Continue reading

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An invasion of heavy plants?

The sign says ‘Heavy plant crossing’, so what is about to happen here? Is a large bush or gigantic flower about to walk across the pathway behind the sign? Most of us may know that this sign relates to heavy … Continue reading

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