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The One About the Profound Irony

As I shared communion tonight, I looked up and saw these words on the screen: survive & thrive The words immediately felt ironic and inappropriate because we were focusing on the death of Jesus on the cross. After all: Jesus … Continue reading

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Finding Freedom from Guilt

Lots of us live with guilt, but is that what God wants for us? Christians believe that our sins can be forgiven, but we also need to accept that God wants to take our guilt away! This was David’s experience: Finally, I … Continue reading

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The One About Insecure Wi-fi

I logged into some WI-FI while I was away recently and I got an error message on my laptop saying that the ‘WI-FI was insecure’. My understanding is that my antivirus software was trying to warn me that anything that … Continue reading

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The parable (and true story) of the toy plane

Once there was a boy who was given a toy plane for Christmas. He was desperate to fly it but he had had to be patient as the plane needed lots and lots of room to fly in. At last, the day came when … Continue reading

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The one where I was a hypocrite

My last blog post was about our need to be honest about how we are and that we shouldn’t have to pretend to be okay. After posting it, I had to go out to a meeting where people asked me … Continue reading

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