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Are we full and overflowing with the presence of God? A Pentecost Sermon

This is a talk I have put together using a variety of Bible passages, visuals and video clips that thinks about how we need to be overflowing with rather than just being full of and content with the presence of … Continue reading

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Feeling fragile? It’s what is on the inside that counts

If you are feeling fragile today I want to encourage you that this is perfectly normal. We have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. (2 Corinthians 4.7) … Continue reading

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I am One with Christ and He is with me

I recently watched the film Rogue 1 and I was struck by the phrase that was constantly repeated by Chirrut Imwe: ‘I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me’ Although he is blind, Chirrut is able … Continue reading

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The one about being Ordinary and Amazing at the same time

As they listened to the two men who were on trial, the members of the council were amazed. It was fairly obvious from the way they talked that they weren’t professionals but there was something about the way that they … Continue reading

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Our Sins are Washed Away and the Spirit is Poured Out!

God washes away our sins! This cleansing from sin isn’t just about a ticket to heaven, it’s also about the beginning of a new life in relationship with God. You see, God isn’t satisfied with just cleansing us from sin, he … Continue reading

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Good Evening Holy Trinity

I was sat at the concert, minding my own business when unexpectedly I heard: ‘Good evening Holy Trinity!’ It turned out that the person speaking was announcing that pupils from Holy Trinity school were there but their announcement caught me … Continue reading

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The Stressed Stone is now Super!

We had started the conference by laying stones down as a symbol of us letting go of the burdens we were carrying and at the end of our time together we encouraged everyone to take away one of the stones … Continue reading

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Do you ever get that sinking feeling?

Do you ever get that sinking feeling? This was the experience of most of the balloons that we brought home yesterday. When we went to bed they were all floating but in the morning only one had enough helium left to … Continue reading

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Pentecost: Knowing God rather than just knowing about him

It’s Pentecost Sunday but did you know that during the festival of Pentecost (originally called Weeks) that the Jews remembered the giving of the 10 commandments? God gave these commandments and the rest of the law to show people at … Continue reading

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I’m not really Batman you know!

So, I asked Batman to pass me something that I had dropped and he looked at me and said ‘I’m not really Batman you know’. This all happened when I was tidying up after a children’s party and I didn’t know which child … Continue reading

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