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Do you ever feel like giving up?

Elijah had traveled all day in the desert heat and as evening came he collapsed, exhausted, terrified and broken and he prayed that God would let him die. He poured out his heart to God as he prayed, ‘I have had enough Lord’ he said. ‘Take … Continue reading

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The one about being alone and outnumbered

Have you ever felt that everyone is against you? Elijah stood alone against 850 followers of the pagan gods Baal and Asherah. They were to call on their gods to send fire from heaven and Elijah called on his God … Continue reading

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When God does something weird

Elijah had told the king it wouldn’t rain and there was now a drought in the land. God led Elijah to a remote area where he camped by a small stream and some ravens brought him food. WHOA, say that … Continue reading

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Do miracles happen because God announces them or because we ask?

Announcements are important. Is a relationship official before it has been announced as a Facebook status? These announcements help us to know who is in a relationship and this will save you lots of confusion if you have teenage friends. … Continue reading

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