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Meeting Jesus when we feel broken, afraid or full of doubt

Mary was distraught. She had come to the tomb and was shocked to find that Jesus’ body wasn’t there.  We don’t know how long she stood there or what thoughts were spinning through her head but we do know that … Continue reading

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Are we Living like Easter Saturday Believers in an Easter Sunday World?

Cleopas and his friend trudged along the road towards Emmaus trying to process what had happened. They had been so sure that Jesus was the Messiah but now he was dead. If Jesus was the Messiah, he appeared to be a … Continue reading

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They hoped they could move the Stone but what they Found was so much Greater!

A few days after his death, Mary and her friends went to Jesus’ tomb to embalm his body. As they got closer they began to wonder how they would move the large stone that was blocking the entrance. We can only … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday: I’ll be back!

Mary and her friends went to Jesus’ tomb and on their way they began to wonder how they would move the large stone from the entrance. When they got closer though, they could see the stone had already been moved. I wonder what … Continue reading

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