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Shall we be Friends (Part 2)

If you missed it, you can quickly read the first part of this short parable here. Bill sat in his hotel room feeling lousy. He hadn’t talked to Pete for 3 years and life just wasn’t the same any more. … Continue reading

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I don’t remember reading this bit before

On Good Friday, some of us gathered to read through the Bible account of the days and hours leading up to and including Jesus’ death. We read a section together, paused to reflect on what we had read and then … Continue reading

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The One About Fog Lights

A few nights ago, I drove into some fog and I then began to wonder how to turn on my fog lights. In that moment, I remembered that when we bought our car a few months ago that the salesperson showed … Continue reading

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Why do people think that angels have wings?

Do you think that angels have wings? If you do, why do you believe that? Is it what the Bible says? In Genesis 18, Abraham is visited by 3 men and it turns out one of them is God (most … Continue reading

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