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The One About Trying to get Signal

As we walked down the path, my son kept holding his hands up in the air. Apparently he wasn’t praising God or even trying to block the sun that was shining in his eyes, so what was he doing? You have … Continue reading

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Make your own Christ?

I opened up my laptop and this is what I saw amongst the list of e-mails. I couldn’t get over the phrase ‘Make your own Christ’ (it actually reads ‘make your own Christmas …’). Strangely, a sales rep from Serif called … Continue reading

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The Price of Football: What Christianity can learn from football fans?

The BBC Sport’s ‘The Price of Football’ study was released yesterday and it attempts to analyse what people are paying to go and watch football. ‘Even though our prices have gone up, our stadium is full and so we must … Continue reading

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