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Sticking Pins in the Cross: A Creative Prayer Activity

This simple activity explores the meaning of the cross and why Jesus died. At a family event last Easter, we stuck a paper cross on a pin-board and wrote some random negative things on to it. We invited the people taking … Continue reading

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The One About Bringing People to God

At church today we were thinking about bringing people to God and we used this simple activity to pray for people in a creative way. Everyone was given two connected paper people, one represented them and the other one represented … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?

I wonder if I asked you to draw a frog if you could do it? What if I asked you to draw this particular frog, could you replicate it exactly? I can guarantee that you can draw an identical one and … Continue reading

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Prayer and Train Tracks

Have you ever wondered what prayer is for? Train tracks can help us to understand. For a train to run smoothly the tracks need to run parallel but God and us usually looks more like this set of tracks. God doesn’t … Continue reading

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