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Some thoughts about the Ice Bucket Challenge

Have you taken the ice bucket challenge? According to the Independent, this internet sensation has raised £48 million in less than a month with 1.7 million people donating. The Ice Bucket Challenge is really encouraging for a number of reasons. … Continue reading

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Life is like a game of Jenga

Have you played Jenga? You start with a tower of bricks and then players take it in turns to remove a brick and place it on the top of the pile. The tower starts off very stable and ends up … Continue reading

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Love Prettygate

Last Sunday afternoon I went to the Church on the Field event which is part of the Love Prettygate initiative. The three Churches in the Prettygate area of Colchester have been working together culminating in this fantastic event. I want to … Continue reading

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How do you see yourself?

Who am I? How we see ourselves will determine how we live our lives. You can have all the skills and ability to accomplish a task but if you don’t believe in yourself then you will fail. Many of us can … Continue reading

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The one where I was happy and sad at the same time

My friend Nick has been asked to become the Eastern Baptist Association’s third Regional Minister. I am so happy because Nick will be great in this role but I am also sad because he will move away from Colchester. Nick, … Continue reading

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The one with the chocolate gorilla

Today I am driving to Oxford for a meeting with some missionaries who we support as a part of our wider church family. I am meeting with them and representatives of the organisation they work with to talk about their … Continue reading

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The one that is about the elections, my best and worst bits of today

Worst experience of politics today. In the East of England our European election ballot paper includes a choice to vote, Ukip, BNP, English Democrats, An Independence from Europe or no 2 eu. These are five out of the 10 choices … Continue reading

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