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Godparents or Guideparents?

I had the privilege of leading a service of blessing for two lovely children during the weekend. The family involved had some friends who they wanted to be Godparents but who aren’t Christians. As I understand it they were willing … Continue reading

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Would you follow a broken Messiah?

As Jesus died on the cross two criminals were crucified next to him. One taunted Jesus saying, ‘If you’re the Messiah, save yourself and save me while you are at it’. This was a perfectly natural reaction, many people had … Continue reading

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It’s not just a lump of wood!

This is a picture of a lump of wood. I know this isn’t the most exciting blog introduction you will ever read but bear with me. We have recently started geocaching (a kind of treasure hunt using gps). We were … Continue reading

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The one about the wedding

Last Saturday my wife, girls and I went to a wonderful wedding where we sat next to some friends at the reception. As we shared in the feast together our friends confessed that they were late additions to the guest list. They … Continue reading

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Who does Jesus value most, the community leader or the outcast? Mark 5.21-43

Imagine you arrive in a town and a community leader asks you to help them. Consider how important you would feel as you traveled with them? As you are walking through the town you notice a down and out reaching out for … Continue reading

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Yesterday I had one of the most stressful hours of my life. I was at the toddler group we run at church and I needed to play some music for the pass the parcel game. The sound desk was showing … Continue reading

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