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Could you turn off your phone please?

A few weeks ago, Tracey, the girls and I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Theatre Royal in London. We went as a part of my daughter’s 11th Birthday celebrations and we had a great day out in … Continue reading

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The Pink Unicorn Which Started A Fight

Who would have thought that a little pink unicorn could have started such a big argument and ultimately a fight? It all started a few weeks ago when my wife, girls and I were walking in the woods. On the way through we did … Continue reading

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The one about Coconuts at a Castle

So, we were walking out of the castle gate when someone came towards us banging two halves of a coconut together. Can you guess why? I didn’t find it strange at all and I have to confess that my first … Continue reading

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Are you green with envy?

As I look through my Facebook feed there are more and more of my friend’s holiday pictures appearing each day. How do you feel when you see people’s holiday pictures? When you see someone pictured somewhere you have always wanted to go or … Continue reading

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Your attitude can make you happy even when your circumstances should make you miserable

I’m writing this on Saturday night after a long day. I put up a bouncy castle I took one of the kids to town to buy new shoes I let someone into church to have a party (we need more … Continue reading

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I am beautiful aren’t I?

When we first saw the hut it was a white speck in the distance and a few miles later we could see it more clearly. My wife and I both agreed that it was a beautiful spot to live, in a … Continue reading

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Stories of childhood in WW2 and the lessons we can learn

I had an inspiring conversation recently with a group of people who were children during the WW2. They told me about doodlebugs (missile like flying bombs) and the sound they used to make so that you knew they were coming. … Continue reading

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Thankfulness: Why an attitude of gratitude is so important.

My wife is unwell at the moment (I’m pretty sure that it’s not because she is allergic to me). We ideally needed to see a doctor fairly quickly and so we went to the surgery and waited. They have just … Continue reading

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Have you heard of FOMO?

There is an increasing concern that many people today are suffering with FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out). Social media is great for staying connected but one of the problems with it is that it often shows just the edited … Continue reading

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