Are you excited about the Royal Wedding?

Are you excited about the Royal Wedding?

My oldest daughter is, to the point where she has asked a few times now if we can go and watch.

We are only 98 miles away from Windsor and so we could go for the day but then if we did, we would only be able to join the crowds outside of the ceremony. We possibly wouldn’t even see the happy couple despite travelling all of that way. I suppose we could say we were there but it feels like a lot of effort to go to when we were not invited and even if we went that we might struggle to get close enough to see

Harry and Meghan are getting married tomorrow and I pray that they would know God’s blessing on their marriage and that they would be very happy together.

Thinking of their wedding reminded me of another royal wedding:

Once there was a king who sent out invitations to his wedding of his son. On the day of the wedding feast he sent his servants to bring the guests but they refused to come. So he sent further servants to impress on them the fact that the feast was ready and the food was prepared but the guests still refused and some of them even attacked the messengers. When he realized that the guests weren’t coming, the king sent his servants out to tell everyone they met that they were invited to the wedding feast. The servants were to invite anyone irrespective of their reputation, everyone was welcome no matter had happened in their past.

Jesus told this story to explain what the Kingdom of Heaven is like this (Matthew 22.1-14).

The story is odd, after all why would you not go to a royal wedding if you were invited? I guess you would have to be seriously ill (I feel so sad for Meghan’s dad who can’t attend his daughter’s wedding) or perhaps it might indicate that you didn’t want to align yourself with the King and his family.

Jesus told this parable to illustrate that God is for everyone, not just the religious, rich or famous. Jesus came to demonstrate and to let us know that everyone will be welcomed by God ‘irrespective of their reputation’ and ‘no matter had happened in their past’ if they accept his invitation.

If I received a lat minute invitation for Harry & Meghan’s wedding I would make the time to attend (as long as I could take my daughter who might otherwise never speak to me again!) To be invited would be such a privilege!

We have all received an invitation to join God in his Kingdom and this is as much about knowing him in our lives now as it is about being with him when we die. All we need to do is to respond to God’s invitation by turning to and following him!

To be invited to a party by God the king of kings is such a privilege, so what is stopping you?

There is more to this parable because the Church is described as the Bride of Christ. The wedding feast speaks of a time when Christ will invite his Church (another way of saying his people) to live with him permanently in eternity. If you are interested you can read more about that here.

Image: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by Mark Jones [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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