Jesus is God’s Gift: An all age visual, fun, interactive and creative Christmas talk

This fun, visual and creative talk explains how Jesus is God’s gift to the world using a wrapped up present with various items inside of it.

As you pull each item out (it’s best done in order) you simply explain what they symbolize. Either lay them on a table or ask people to hold them up so everyone can see the flow of the illustration, this also makes it easy to recap at various points of the talk.

Wrapped up present

Read the label which can say Merry Christmas to you all or something similar. Open it and look inside and then get these items out one at a time.

Crown & World (globe or map): This works well if the crown can sit on the earth like a hat.

Jesus is King and the creator of the world


Ask, why would someone make a mess in this nice present by putting hay in it and then move on quickly

Torch/candle OR light inside the earth/Globe

Jesus is the light of the world who can offer hope in this dark world

Love heart

Jesus came to show us what God is like and in particular we see that God is love


God always has time to listen and to talk with us – he wants to know us!

Cracker/ Party Popper

Surprise : Immanuel means God with us!


We thought this hay was spoiling the nice present but it is an important part of God’s gift. Talk about the birthplace of Jesus:

  • Why would God choose the place where the animals lived?
  • Why did God choose for his son to be born into the world in such poverty?


God becomes human and he comes in such a way that he can identify with all of humanity rather than just the rich or the elite.


Toy Fire Engine

Jesus came to rescue us (press sirens if there is a sound effect and do so at any point in a recap you say and Jesus came to rescue/save us)


He will save his people from their sins: He came to remove the barrier of sin between us and God


Jesus took the sin on the world on himself so that the barrier between us and God could be removed

Invitation: (Hand write something on a card)

Jesus invites us to follow him. He promises to be with us always and that he will never leave us or forsake us

Jesus Came as a gift, he free & to all and there is plenty to go around!

Especially towards the end, recap where you have got to: ‘So Jesus is the King of the world, he’s the light of the world,  he loves us ….’ etc

If you use this talk and come up with alternative ideas for items then please comment below to let us know so that we can be inspired by your creativity

Feel free to share this talk  using the sharing buttons below. You can also share it on your own website or blog but please provide a link back to this page.

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Christmas Present photo by on Unsplash

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