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Is this person holding on or climbing up?

Originally posted on Honest about my faith:
Would you say that this person holding on or climbing up? When life is hard we can feel like we are clinging on but in better times we might feel like we are making good…

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Dining with Jesus

It took me by surprise when she said ‘it’s better than dining with the queen!’ We were about to share communion together and there had been an opportunity for people to discuss in groups what communion meant to them. We … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary: Something Worth Celebrating

Twenty five years ago today, the large hall at Orchard Baptist Church was officially opened. The church had grown so much that the original chapel wasn’t large enough to hold everyone on a Sunday and so the decision was made … Continue reading

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I’m So Proud

Tonight I am going to watch my son perform in the final of local Band Wars competition and I couldn’t be prouder. My son and his friends made it through the heats and because of their excellent performances and they … Continue reading

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Looking for God Moments

When we serve God and create our own definition of success, it can lead to us feeling we have failed when we should be celebrating the amazing things that God is doing! Last week, I spent a few days at … Continue reading

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Growth Is Happening Even When We Can’t See It

Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is like a tree that is growing, so why do we expect everything to happen so quickly? I mean, have you ever stood and watched a tree grow? Growth is evident over time … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Visitor

Several weeks ago we discovered that we had a mouse in the house and so we bought some mouse poison which the mouse ate and so we assumed that was the end of him. In the intervening weeks various people … Continue reading

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The Happy Song that is really Desperately Sad

A few weeks earlier we had heard school children singing it enthusiastically but as we walked around Carlisle Castle we discovered that the song was the result of a desperately sad story. Perhaps you’ve heard the song: O ye’ll tak’ … Continue reading

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