They hoped they could move the Stone but what they Found was so much Greater!

A few days after his death, Mary and her friends went to Jesus’ tomb to embalm his body. As they got closer they began to wonder how they would move the large stone that was blocking the entrance.

We can only imagine the bizarre mix of emotions that they felt as they approached and saw that the stone had been moved. The brief joy that the boulder had been moved must have been eclipsed by worry, shock and surprise as they found that the tomb was empty. Their despair at the loss of the body of Jesus was soon overwhelmed with Joy (and plenty of confusion!) as they realized that Jesus was alive.

The large stone couldn’t be moved easily by people but for God it was easy!

What are the things you are finding difficult? Do you have the faith to believe that God is greater than those situations?

God had raised Jesus from the dead which was way, way, way beyond the expectations of the people who had come to the tomb that morning!

ephesians 3.20 more than we ask or imagineWhat are the things that you have decided are impossible? Do you have the faith to believe that God is greater than them and that he can do all things?

The women who went to the tomb 2000 years ago, left shocked and surprised and my hope and prayer is that God would continue to shock and surprise us today.

God really is stronger and greater that anyone or anything else and he can still do more that we might ask or think.

If you are interested in finding out more about the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection then you might like to look at the other posts I have written about Holy week.

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