Advent 4: The God of Miracles

pregnant-baby-boyA miracle had happened and Elizabeth was pregnant!

“How kind the Lord is!” she exclaimed. “He has taken away my disgrace of having no children.”

God’s promise had come true and both Zechariah and Elizabeth were overjoyed.

In her short prayer, we get a glimpse of deep hurt that Elizabeth had felt at being unable to have children. For many years she had lived with this pain but now God had removed it. The sick twisted pain inside of her had been replaced by the feeling of her child growing within and she was so grateful to God.

Elizabeth had thought she was the most blessed person in the world but all that had changed when her relative Mary came to visit. As Mary entered the house, ‘Elizabeth’s child leaped within her, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.’

It’s amazing isn’t it! The unborn baby lays hands on his mother from within and she is filled with the Holy Spirit by God. In that moment, Elizabeth saw that Mary’s child was unique and she calls the baby ‘her Lord’. She confirmed what the angel had promised, that Mary was going to give birth to the son of God (more about that tomorrow).

Elizabeth experienced a complete turnaround from the depths of despair to ecstatic excitement.

As her child grew within her, Elizabeth also felt a deep faith and the reality of God’s presence grow in her life. This new lease of spiritual life seemed to grow more and more each day and she felt privileged as she experienced a growing intimacy with her baby and also with God

I hope that when we are in the despair that we won’t let go of the belief that God can change anything. God may not do what we want him to but we need to encourage one another that He can do the impossible and transform any situation.

Is there someone who you know who is really struggling? If so, then pray for them and as you do so, why not take time to consider if there is anything you can do to bless and to help them.

This is the fourth in a series of short thoughts for advent to help us to consider the events surrounding the birth of Jesus as we prepare ourselves for Christmas.

I am hoping to publish one each day in December leading up to Christmas day, so check back tomorrow as we explore how God is at work in ordinary everyday lives.

You can read more about Elizabeth’s story in Luke 1 and you look at my other advent reflections by clicking here.



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