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The one about Looking Clean and Shiny

So, I drove my son to Prom a few weeks ago and this meant that our car got a wash for the first time in nearly a year. This got me thinking about how some people feel the need to … Continue reading

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The One About Being Connected

We went for a walk yesterday and for reasons that only they fully understand, my girls decided to tie themselves together with loom bands. Connecting themselves to one another didn’t make walking along easier but it certainly did make becoming separated impossible … Continue reading

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You know I’m Welsh right?

So, you know I’m Welsh right? I actually lived in Wales as a child and I even learnt the Welsh language whilst at primary school. The fact that I can only remember ‘Bore da’ and ‘Diolch yn fawr’ (okay, I confess that … Continue reading

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How Rita being away reminded me of the importance of the Presence of God

So, Rita was away yesterday and my afternoon was really stressful without her. On Thursdays we run ‘Afternoon Fellowship’ at Orchard Baptist which involves a few (mainly elderly) people gathering for a short service which is followed by tea and biscuits. … Continue reading

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