Is this rock a safe place to stand?

In the light of the referendum result, we are heading into the unknown as a country. The thing that I am the most grateful for this morning is that my trust is in ultimately in God rather than in a country or political system. I wanted to write something about this, but then I remembered the picture of this rock that doesn’t look safe to stand on. Ironically it is in Norway which isn’t in the EU either. In our joy or disappointment this morning, I would encourage all of us to look to God.

Honest about my faith

rock precariousWould you stand on the rock in this picture?

It’s called Kjeragbolten (I dare you to try to say that out loud) and it’s a boulder which is wedged in a crevasse in the Kjerag mountain in Rogaland in Norway.

The Rock is safe to stand on but a lot of us would be afraid to stand on it because it is suspended above a 984 meter deep abyss it may not feel very safe.

God is described in the Bible as being our Rock.

God is our solid foundation and strength in life but at times we can be afraid to trust in him because things around us are going wrong.

God is the rock but will we trust in him or put our energy into focusing on the problems which we face?

Who or what are we ultimately trusting in?

God is the Rock, but will you let him…

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About honestaboutmyfaith

Hi, my name is Graeme and I’m married to a very patient wife. We have 4 children, 2 rabbits, a terrapin (and not a lot of peace and quiet!). I’m a Regional Minister for the Eastern Baptist Association in the UK (the views expressed in this blog are my own) and I am especially interested in making Church accessible to people who have no church background and also in how we disciple people in order to equip them to live out their faith in the 21st Century.
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