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What are you afraid of?

So, the carrot looks afraid of the rabbit which is ironic because in real life, the two people in the costumes are good friends. You can even watch them together on youtube if you don’t believe me (I’ll post a … Continue reading

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A Simple Creative Activity to Remind us that the Cross Cleanses

A simple idea that can be used in messy church, family activity or even a Sunday morning service to illustrate how the cross cleanses us from sin. Start with a blank canvas with some masking tape in the shape of … Continue reading

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Which Route Would You Take?

Looking at the sign in this picture, which route would you take? I doubt that any of us would choose to go ‘The Wrong Way’, so that leaves us with a choice between and ‘Adventurous’ or ‘Scenic’ route. Tomorrow morning we … Continue reading

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The One About Queuing to Avoid Queuing

This is a photo of people queuing up to pay for a ticket that helps them to avoid queuing. It’s fairly ironic isn’t it! This might feel like an April Fools joke, but it isn’t. On a busy day at a … Continue reading

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